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Why Are You Here and Why It Matters?

I believe you have a problem that few Bitcoiners currently understand and even fewer have solved. The Bitcoin community as a whole has been singularly focused on a subset of problems that represent only one side of the proverbial coin. As such, there exists a bitcoin blind spot.

Bitcoiners have just started thinking about how they should preserve their bitcoin wealth and protect their assets from the probate process after your death or incapacity. I am talking about how you should be planning to reduce estate taxes at death, protect your children from inheriting too early, protection from creditors, protecting government healthcare and benefits for disabled heirs, as well as mitigating familial infighting because of intestacy through effective bitcoin estate planning. I believe we can assist you in this process or at least help you better understand it…

Why Bitcoin Planning?

Most people think that probate (process of dividing and distributing someone's property and money after the person dies) is private. It’s most definitely not!

When you die without an appropriate bitcoin estate plan, the default rules of your particular state apply (called intestacy laws). For people who value privacy, the entire probate process can be very intrusive and worse, costly.

Failing to plan and probate administration is the enemy of every Bitcoiner.

Probate involves the court receiving information about everything you own, choosing someone to oversee the distribution process, and making decisions about items and money that may be special or sensitive to you and your loved ones. But here's the catch, understanding the problem is just the first step in the process…

If you choose to do nothing, you are consenting to allowing your state’s statute to determine how your Bitcoin should be spent, sold, or divided.

I encourage my Bitcoin Estate Planning clients to start thinking about what’s important to them and what 'successful planning' looks like. After all, every Bitcoiner is different! If winning means that you want your family simply to ‘get’ your Bitcoin when you die, it might be worth unsubscribing. However, if ‘successful planning’ means something closer to ensuring that your bitcoin is protected, preserved, and grows from one generation to the next while avoiding public probate court proceedings and costly legal fees then you may want to consider sticking around.

I'll give you a break from all the 'probate' talk but remember that you need to think about what “successful planning” looks like for you and your family.

Totally off topic – but while I have you -- regardless of who you hire to assist you with your Bitcoin Planning – no solution should involve giving your lawyer your private keys! Ever!