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Eminent Domain and Land Condemnation

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From the start, we have been advising clients about how the government thinks and works. We aim to simplify the complicated eminent domain and land condemnation process and share all the knowledge and information we have gathered over the years to effectively assist you in seeking the compensation that you deserve under the law.

Seeking fair and adequate compensation for your property using a process that is designed to keep you in the dark can be overwhelming and terrible frustrating. Our goal is to give you the information, knowledge and understanding about your options to effectively navigate this entire process.


We created this law firm to give eniment domain victims the opportunity to seek compensation for their property loss. From the start, we have been guiding individuals and businesses through North Carolina’s most complicated eminent domain and land condemnation laws and procedures. We built this website to give this same information away to ensure that even those people who wish to try navigate the process alone can have access to this knowledge.

We realized a long time ago that the more information we gave away, the more client would call and ask for help. We understand that the largest secret to our success is to continuing giving away our knowledge of the eminent domain process, the government's tactics and procedures, and North Carolina law. This is where you discover the next step towards adequate compensation for your losses.